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The search for the perfect pizza has been going on since the first pizza restaurant opened in New York in 1905. The quest has come to a halt at Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza. Believe it or not the secret lies in our custom built 10,000 pound 1000+ degree coal fired oven. At this blistering temperature wonderful flavors are extracted into our beautiful hand-crafted pizzas. The savory crust, vibrant sauce, and mouth watering toppings contribute to what we believe to be the ideal pizza.

In the early 1900s, coal ovens were the standard, but fell out of favor as gas and electricity arrived and were simpler and easier to use. However, in the trade for ease and efficiency, something was lost. At Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza we have developed ways to produce large quantities of artisan pizza in an efficient and economic way.

The pizza speaks for itself; however, if that isn’t enough here are the facts.

  • The anthracite coal we use creates twice the energy per pound as wood, and burns cleaner making our coal oven the smart choice environmentally and economically.
  • One coal burning oven is the ONLY cooking device in the entire restaurant, simplifying your operation as well as your staffing, making hiring a simple task considering you will only need pizza makers to run the kitchen.
  • We have no freezers in the restaurant. Not only do fresh ingredients make the food taste better, the uniqueness of this concept allow for great marketing opportunities.
  • Staffing is simple taking into account the size of the restaurant and simplicity of the menu.

Grasping the Tony Sacco’s concept is very quick and doesn’t require previous restaurant experience.

At Tony Sacco’s, we believe we’ve found the secret by going back to the beginning.